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The stated purpose of the Society for International Development – SID Israel is to provide theoretical and practical skills to individuals and/or organizations in the field of international development.

The Society for International Development – SID Israel aspires to become a platform for training that combines theoretical knowledge and practical experience, aimed at professionals who are interested in integrating into the global arena in the field of International Development and Humanitarian Aid.

 Our Trainings include intensive workshops and personal supervision from mentors; together, these will provide participants with an in-depth picture of the situation and tools for integrating into the world of International Development and Humanitarian Aid.

About the Training

In recent years, we have witnessed the growth of professional human capital in Israel that is willing and able to be brought into the field of humanitarian Aid and International development in the global arena.  Likewise, there has been extensive activity by Israeli organizations of assistance in developing countries and disaster areas.  In addition to that, interest and volunteerism is growing in these areas.  However, there are many barriers stopping professionals and individuals who are interested in joining the field and integrating in a more significant manner in the arena of International Development and Humanitarian Aid.

The Purpose Our Training

  • To impart tools and professional standards in the field of International Development and Humanitarian Aid on the basis of existing needs, gaps and strengths that can leverage the activities of Israeli organizations in the international arena.
  • To provide an orientation and tools for entering into work in the world of International Development and Humanitarian Aid, through guided exercises.
  • To bridge the gap between professional knowledge acquired in institutions of higher education in Israel to the pragmatic needs that are required in work in international organizations.
  • To encourage Israelis to take part in missions of International Development and Humanitarian Aid in the developing countries, whose citizens at times have difficulty surviving the hunger and suffering prevalent in them.

Who Should Attend?

  • Members of Israeli organizations that work in International Development and Humanitarian Aid
  • Students and graduates of institutions of higher education
  • Professionals in the fields of relevant development and assistance: water engineering, electricity, ecology, public medicine, medical education, environmental studies, nutrition, public health, regional studies, urban and rural planning, social work and others.
  • Those with a high level of reading, writing and speaking English, or any other languages of the UN (French, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Russian).
  • Those with previous experience working under challenging conditions in the field and/or emergency situations.
  • Those with volunteer and/or professional experience in multi-cultural activities in Israel or around the world.

Areas of Trainings

The Society for International Development –  SID Israel has established a unique center that will answer the described need and offer training workshops, study days and in-service training in the following fields:

  • Humanitarian Aid and rehabilitation at times of disasters and ongoing crisis situations
  • Codes and standards in the world of International Development and Humanitarian Aid
  • Preparation for submitting candidacies for positions in International Development and Humanitarian Aid
  • Learn how to develop partnerships to leverage access to international finance
  • Lear what is effective management of international partnerships
  • Specific training sessions in innovative fields of knowledge and practice


  • The trainings will be conducted by expert lecturers and field workers with experience working in the developing world with Israeli and international organizations.
  • Training programs will be conducted in English or Hebrew.
  • The training will be spread out over a number of meetings.
  • Participants will be urged to participate actively.
  • Participants will prepare assignments and receive feedback from the other participants and from the instructors.

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Global Impact Studies

Global Impact Studies

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Developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America have become a major engine of growth in the global economy and a significant political power in international institutions. Fruitful long-term engagement with developing countries and their emerging markets is thus of outmost importance in today’s world. Israeli-born technologies and innovations open significant opportunities for new forms of dialogue and collaboration between Israel and the developing world.

The new Global Impact Studies program at the IDC is a first of its kind interdisciplinary program that seeks to bridge between Israeli innovations and the needs of developing countries. The program focuses on major global challenges (e.g., clean water, food security, renewable energy, cyber-security, etc.) that face the developing world, and servees as an incubator for global leaders and social innovators, who will learn how to employ Israeli innovations to address these challenges.

The program is launched by the Lauder School of Government in collaboration with the Israeli Society for International Development (SID)—an umbrella organization of 100 organizations and firms that are engaged in the field. It is taught in English by leading international and Israeli lecturers, and key figures in the Israeli government agencies, major NGOs, industry firms, and research institutions.


The program combines an interdisciplinary academic curriculum with practical hands-on learning.

The academic curriculum covers topics such as Sustainable International Development; Disaster Relief and Humanitirian Assistance; Project Management and Value Creation in Emerging Markets; Financial Governance of Socio-Environmental Risks; and more.

Students will also participate in a unique workshop, as part of which they will meet with key representatives of Israeli governmnet agencies, firms, start-ups, civil society organizations, and research institutions that work with emerging markets. They will participate in several study tours and field visits, and will also take part in “cultural literacy” workshops, where they will be exposed to the day to day of working in a developing country. 

Students can enroll in the program through two tracks:

  • As a concentration as part of the Lauder School of Government’s MA Program in Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution: Current students in all MA programs at the IDC may select the program’s courses and workshop as a “concentration” as part of their regular MA studies, and obtain upon its successful completion a Certificate in Global Impact Studies from both the IDC and SID.
  • Summer Certificate Program: External candidates with a BA degree may apply to the program and complete it one summer semester (10 academic credits) without undertaking the full MA program. Upon the successful completion of the program, they will obtain a Certificate in International Development from both the IDC and SID.


The 6-week program will be offered at the IDC Herzliya between August 5,2020 and September 17, 2020 on the following days:

Wednesdays from 9:45 to 20:45.

Thursdays from 9:45 to 17:15.


For further details and registration please contact the Lauder School of Government at the IDC Herzliya - 09-9527200  
Or by emailing Dr. Jennifer Shkabatur  at- or

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