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In an increasingly globalized and international world, many companies recognize the added value in engaging in international projects. However, many locally-based organizations struggle with identifying how to integrate successfully and effectively into the international sphere. When it comes to this daunting task, Business for Peace (B4P) Foundation is here to help. It is important and beneficial to engage with organizations such as B4P so that companies can effectively integrate into the international and humanitarian scene. SID Israel supports these ventures as we believe that a more globalized and interconnected world will allow for people from all regions to take advantage of developments across various regions of the world.

The B4P Foundation has established a finely tuned and tested tri-tiered approach to assist companies in becoming better equipped for working in international arenas.

(I) Understanding new opportunities

B4P assists companies in understanding and shaping emerging investment and business opportunities. Additionally, they aim at incorporating UN and humanitarian market into corporate analysis and decision-making. B4P assists emerging companies in taking advantage of new opportunities. B4P’s experts are fluent in developing international business, so they can provide practical insight and tools to monitor key advances.

(II) Shaping clients’ portfolios

B4P works on developing a tailored and personalized strategy with the client by making the client. B4P identifies your company’s weaknesses and strengths in the face of international markets. They will assist in strengthening your weaknesses and capitalizing on your strengths so that your firm is airtight and ready to boldly take on new markets. They will help to transform a client’s portfolio to fit the humanitarian needs and development work environment while maintaining the firm’s unique brand.

(III) Expanding clients’ business

With B4P’s expert coaching comes international prestige, expansive knowledge of emerging markets, and of course furthering business opportunities. UN recognition through international development work leads to credibility that solidifies your business abroad. Market leaders are always eager to conduct business with emerging and enthusiastic partners. This potential network and powerful community in the realm of peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts will bolster your brand, credibility in the international sphere, and boost your growth potential.

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