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GivingWay is a technology company that acts as a bridge between individuals eager to help others and projects into which that positive energy can be channeled. In an increasingly globalized world, it is easier than ever to lend a hand and provide assistance to countries and organizations across the world. While SID knows that investors and funds are critical to any development mission, we want people to know that every individual can have an impact. Building grassroots support and interest in Israeli communities can expedite global improvement and familiarize individuals with volunteer work. 


In addition to volunteering abroad, GivingWay offers flexibility to fit every participants’ needs by offering online volunteer opportunities and donations to specific projects. One of the many aspects of GivingWay that makes it unique is its commitment to non-profits run by and for local communities. Locals are experts in their area, and they know best what types of support they need. As a result, there is increased efficiency with channeling resources, both time and funds, to communities.

GivingWay functions as an online platform. Prospective volunteers can go to Giving Way’s website and select certain criteria according to their interest or area of expertise to yield the best fit opportunities.

When browsing potential volunteer opportunities, GivingWay streamlines the process that nonprofits can clearly communicate their needs. Each post on the online platform consists of the organization’s name, a photo, and their location. There is also practical information such as how long the program lasts, what is provided by the organization, and who to contact for more information.

Once the volunteer has looked at a variety of different options and decided where he or she might want to apply, an effortless 4-step application process will be completed. Giving Way alleviates many stresses that come with volunteers looking for opportunities abroad through a relatively transparent process. This simple application process makes it easier for people to apply to volunteer abroad and has the potential for matching interested volunteers with relevant organizations worldwide.

GivingWay’s mechanism coincides perfectly with SID-Israel’s goal of connecting Israeli innovation with lesser developed countries around world. Combined with SID’s impressive and expansive database of startups and firms eager to get involved in international development, GivingWay can bolster and expand its resources and increase its project numbers.

At SID, we believe that there is always room for improvement. Finding more effective and efficient ways to support communities in need not only has the potential to maximize SID’s results, but also make an impact in more peoples’ lives. There are endless possibilities down the road for SID and GivingWay for boost each other’s networks and collaborate to work towards larger goals and projects. Strengthening and stabilizing international ties through service has the potential to make progress in assuaging societal ills such as war, famine, and extreme poverty. Together, SID and GivingWay can work on alleviating harm with the click of a button.

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