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The Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center (MCTC)

The Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center (MCTC) was established in 1961 to assist in the training of women engaged in community work in the newly emerging states in Africa and Asia.

Since the establishment of MCTC, some 17,500 participants from over 150 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Oceania and the Caribbean have attended over 560 capacity building programs and workshops, and 27 International Conferences for Women Leaders, conducted in Israel. In addition, MCTC conducts between 20 - 30 institutional capacity building programs in partner countries throughout each year, for hundreds more trainees throughout the developing world.

MCTC focuses on three areas of study: Community Development, Early Childhood Education and Organization and Management of Microenterprises, all with gender as a cross-cutting issue. In each training program there are up to 30 women and men from 10 to 27 countries. Usually two workshops are conducted concurrently in different languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian or Arabic).

The Center is located on Mount Carmel in Haifa. The building consists of living accommodation, classrooms, recreation and dining facilities. A library specializing in education, social sciences and humanities, and a computer laboratory with internet access serve the participants.

MCTC enjoys the active cooperation of a number of international organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations and development authorities.


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