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Operation Abraham  was founded in May 2007 as a collaboration between the Jerusalem AIDS Project (JAIP) and Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO). Its first project in Swaziland was named “Operation AB”. Operation AB was the first international collaboration in Africa in the area of male circumcision, developing and implementing a comprehensive pilot on training and service delivery in adult male circumcision by an international team, including equipment scale up and capacity building. Operation AB established, pilot tested, and gave shape to a community clinic based male circumcision (CCBMC) training and service delivery model.

Given the success of the pilot program and lessons learned, a consurtium of organizations and institutions was set up by Jerusalem AIDS Project. Operation Abraham Collaborative is currently working with other organizations throughout Swaziland and other priority countries in Africa to replicate the project. Bill Gates has said that male circumcision is “[a] promising approach” to HIV and AIDS prevention that “should [be made] widely available.” This is the exact goal of Operation Abraham and with our partners in Africa and international supporters, we are realizing this goal.

Operation Abraham is a product of the Jerusalem AIDS Project (JAIP). JAIP is an international HIV/AIDS-focused NGO, based in Jerusalem. It is leading national (Israel), regional (Middle East) and international HIV/AIDS prevention efforts in young people, including university students and men and women in uniform. JAIP has over 20 years of experience in development, implementation and evaluation of school-, community-, and youth-oriented HIV/AIDS programs. This includes: project management, capacity building, advocacy, research and technical assistance to 27 countries and organization on all five continents.


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