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Tevel b’Tzedek  (The Earth- In Justice) is an Israel based non-profit organization promoting social and environmental justice.
Our mission is to create a community of Israeli and Diaspora Jews engaging in the urgent issues of global poverty, marginalization and environmental devastation from a place of deep commitment to the Jewish people and its ethical and spiritual traditions.


In a World becoming increasingly globalized, we all share the responsibility for the well being of the poorest and most vulnerable, as well as for the future of the planet and its ecosystems. The fact that millions of people in the world lack food, clean water, basic sanitation and suitable housing, and are denied access to healthcare, education, or basic human rights – is spiritually and ethically unacceptable. This reality can and must be changed.

It is the Jewish people’s right and duty, at this critical point in history, to participate in creating a new vision for rebuilding the world, by means of thought, words, and action; for the purpose of shaping a better, more just, future for all of humanity. Our Jewish heritage contains much wisdom which can elucidate crucial issues and guide us towards the path of “Tikun Olam”. Cooperation between Israeli and Diaspora Jews in attaining social and environmental justice in the third world will reawaken Jewish identity, strengthen Israel, and bring much benefit to impoverished communities.

Work in developing countries must be approached with humility (Anava). We come with desire to learn from those whom we also want to help. We come with the knowledge that changing the world means changing our own society as well, and the ways in which we live and think, as much as helping impoverished people in developing countries.


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