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Action Against Hunger - With a focus on emergency response, nutrition, water, and healthcare, AAH offers you a way to help end hunger through donations and helping you plan fundraisers. Action Against Hunger is accredited with several awards and is a highly recommended charity. 

Idealist - Idealist is a powerful search engine that will match you with the perfect, job, internship, volunteer opportunity, and more. With over 300,000 opportunities, you are bound to find the ideal position to fit your needs while helping those in need. 

Eldis - Eldis offers factually based, non-partisan information on international issues ranging from agriculture, to HIV, to trade policy. Their database includes up-to-date research from over 8,000 publishers. They also offer job search services, insight on key issues, and ways to get involved. Knowledge is power, and Eldis wants to offer you the purest information available. 

ActionAid - ActionAid works to eradicate poverty through women's equality, climate change, politics and economy, and emergency services. Their main focus is on women's rights. With offices in South Africa, Thailand, England, Kenya, Belgium, and Brazil, they offer job and donation opportunities for everyone looking to lend a hand. 

Oxfam - Oxfam works towards the umbrella goal of alleviating poverty. They work at the grassroots level to help people help themselves through promoting development. Women's rights, advocating for fair wages, climate change, and sustainable markets are a few ways that Oxfam targets and works to eradicate poverty. They offer opportunities for you through volunteer opportunities, campaigning, and fundraising. Oxfam is also incredibly transparent with disclosing how every donation is utilized. 

RedR – people and skills for disaster relief - RedR International works towards the goal of bettering the field of humanitarian aid by providing highly qualified personnel to respond to crises. They have branches in Australia, Malaysia, India, the UK, and Indonesia to better assist global emergencies. They offer several avenues to help out with their mission as an association under Swiss law, governed by the General Assembly. 

Save the Children - This organization focuses on maintaining children's rights, solidifying child protection, and eradicating child poverty. They have an expansive network that reaches the entire globe with teams working on key issues affecting children. Donations, fundraising, and volunteering are a few opportunities that can help Save the Children. 

International Rescue Committee - The IRC is a massive organization that works to recover lost livelihoods due to disasters and crises. IRC focuses on economic wellbeing, education, empowerment, health, safety, and women. They are always bettering their organization with future goals and high levels of donor transparency. In addition, they offer jobs, volunteer opportunities, and corporate partnerships. 

MSF – Medecins Sans Frontieres - MSF is an international medically focused humanitarian organization. They aim to fill the gap in healthcare coverage, especially in times of conflict, epidemics, and disasters.  They work in 72 countries and had over 460 active projects in 2017 alone. They offer several job opportunities. 

CRS – Catholic Relief Service - CRS has reached over 130 million people in over 100 countries. Though their mission is rooted in Catholic values, CRS operated purely based on need. While they aim to help all who suffer, CRS has a special focus on climate change, human trafficking, and hunger. They offer opportunities in religious, educational, and learning roles. 



The Elephant Centre - Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda offers a fascinating and unique experience. The Elephant Home is a form of ecotourism, and your room and board costs – as little as $5 per night — goes solely to local families for food and children’s academic materials.

Brit Olam - Designed from the values of Tikkun Olam, Brit Olam integrates Israeli and Jewish volunteers into sustainable development programs in disadvantaged communities with a focus on disaster relief.

Ten Program - Project TEN is an international volunteer program that operates in developing areas. They provide service-learning programs to promote Jewish activism. TEN offers volunteer opportunities in Puerto Rico Ghana, Mexico, Uganda, South Africa, and Israel.

NALA FOUNDATION - NALA works to eradicate neglected tropical diseases through advocacy, learning, and action. With NALA, volunteer work is core operating mechanism. They operate in many communities in Ethiopia.

ART-JOY-LOVE - Art-Joy-Love is a volunteer program in orphanages in Ethiopia and Uganda. As a branch of Hadassah Medical, Art-Joy-Love has a focus on helping children with HIV grow and reach their potential.

G-lish - The G-Lish Foundation works to sustain economic freedom, confidence building, access to education, and creating an environmental impact through creating and selling sustainable woven baskets. They are based in Ghana and work with over 70 producers and impact over 400 people in impoverished communities.

Cheerful Hearts Foundation - Cheerful Hearts is a grassroots non-profit focused on eradicating child labor and trafficking. Specifically, their efforts are on Senya, Fetteh, and Gomoa Nyanyano regions in Ghana. They offer comprehensive volunteer and internship programs.

The Mvula Trust - As the largest water and sanitation NGO in South Africa, the Mvula Trust has an impressive track record. They have an expansive internship program and a need for volunteers to help the everchanging and evolving field of water resource development.

Food and trees for Africa - Food & Trees for Africa has a wide variety of extensive initiatives to help accomplish their goal of ensuring food security and environmental sustainability. With comprehensive and well executed plans, FTFA gains support from donations of trees.

African Conservation Experience - With teams of zoologists and conservationists, ACE offers volunteer experiences tailored to your needs. They offer specific and refined programs in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia that involve interactive experiences with local species in need.

LOHADA - LOHADA a Tanzanian-run non-profit. They serve hundreds of impoverished and neglected children, effectively shielding them from susceptibility to alcoholism, prostitution, and more. Whether it is through donations, child sponsorships, or volunteering, LOHADA offers you a way to help their cause.

Amani Children’s Home - Amani rescues children from homelessness and provides them with primary care, education, and reunification. They offer comprehensive volunteer options as well as ways to fundraise and other unique ways to get involved.

Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need - Through incredibly rewarding volunteer work, you can help Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need (KYGN) in Tanzania. Girls in developing nations often lack access to education, and KYGN provides that education for over 150 girls as well as providing social service.

Naturally Africa Volunteer - If you are looking to volunteer in Africa, Volunteer Africa is here to point you in the right direction. They find responsible and ethical volunteer opportunities in all types of development sectors to ensure the best fit for you.

YODEP - Youth for Development and Productivity has volunteers from Israel, Canada, the US, and Norway to help achieve its goal of empowerment for at risk people in under developed communities in Zomba, Malawi.

RIPPLE Africa - Ripple Africa has dozens of specific projects under the categories of environmental protection, education, and healthcare in Malawi. Perspective volunteers are always welcome and are assisted in planning and logistics.

Become - With an entirely volunteer based staff, BECOME invests in self-sustaining and income-generating opportunities to help communities and individuals in developing areas in Kenya, Haiti, and South Sudan.

Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village - Spearheaded by recipients of the Global Impact Awards, ASYV has transformed a village school into a well-nourished, psychologically healthy, and academically prospering place of learning. They offer a number of ways to get involved and be a part of their progress.

Rustic Volunteer - Rustic Volunteers connects volunteers to projects around the globe. Their highly organized process and programs will offer you amazing experiences while doing good work for a low cost.

Edge of Africa - Edge of Africa has reached over 10,000 community members through over 270,000 hours of volunteer work. They utilize your skills to better their programs all over the continent, and they offer many types of engagement.




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