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Global Citizenship Education Program


Education for Global Citizenship is an innovative project deriving from our deep commitment to improving Israeli youth’s attitude of and engagement with global issues, both here in Israel and abroad. By introducing a ‘global citizenship’ subject, we provide opportunities for students to become increasingly aware of global connections, learning how to apply them personally and responsibly, and empowering those students to form partnerships with others around the globe thus transcending language, cultural, and geographical boundaries.

This project which was approved by Ministry of Education (MOE), proposes an educational program that introduces global issues in Israeli high school civics classes. The program stems from a cosmopolitan approach that views all humanity as a whole and is inspired by other programs sharing this perspective.

Our organization is committed to creating a global community of students who are aware of global issues, and employ those issues to become more responsible, active global citizens.



SID Israel is bringing an innovative program to the table. There are currently no similar programs for Israeli students that deal with global citizenship and engage them in discussion about global issues. Given that, this program is new and increasingly relevant, it should garner significant interest from teachers and school administrators.

By targeting Israeli youth, instead of the general public, we hope to inspire interest in development and global issues. Beyond simply learning about the current state of human civilization, we are convinced that our program will create a lasting effect on some students beyond the limited scope of the program. It is our hope that such students will go on to become global leaders and help shape the future.

Ultimately, the goal of this program is to improve awareness amongst Israeli youth about global issues, and to create a sense of solidarity that exceeds national borders. We believe that having a broader world point of view will also affect young people’s views towards different population groups within Israel.

Lastly, upon successfully introducing and implementing this program in Israel, we hope to use this program as a pilot for similar programs around the world. There is a need to have local adjustment for each culture, but the knowledge base for the future curriculum will already exist after completing this project. If the next generation will possess a broad perspective and a cosmopolitan identity, the world we will live in will be changed dramatically. This project will serve as the starting point for a global initiative to increase awareness, tolerance, and partnerships around the world.

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