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Jennifer Shkabatur


Jennifer Shkabatur is an Assistant Professor at the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy & Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya, Israel, a Consultant on Social Development and Information & Communication Technologies for the World Bank and other international organizations, and a Senior Adviser for the Society for International Development (SID), Israel. Jennifer led development and research projects in over 15 countries in Europe, Central Asia, South and East Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Her areas of interest include information law and policy, ICT and e-government, good governance and citizen engagement, innovation policies for the public and private sectors, and social development and inclusion in developing countries. She has published extensively on these topics, and currently works on a research project on the Diffusion of Global Transparency Policies, funded by the Israel Science Foundation (2015-2018).  In the past, Jennifer advised international organizations, such as the International Labour Organization, Open Society Foundations, Organization for the Security and Cooperation of Europe (OSCE), and the World Wildlife Foundation; served as a fellow in several research institutes at Harvard University; held teaching positions at Harvard University and Boston University; practiced in leading American and Israeli law firms; interned at the International Court of Arbitration in France; and clerked at the Supreme Court of Israel.  She holds Doctorate and Masters degrees as a Fulbright Scholar at Harvard Law School (2012, 2007).

Daniel Schydlowsky


Prof. Daniel Schydlowsky served as Superintendent of Banking, Insurance and Private Pension Fund Administrators of Peru (SBS), August, 2011 – November, 2015. He concurrently served as President of the Association of Bank Supervisors of the Americas (ASBA), and as Chairman of Governing Council of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI). Accordingly, he has extensive first-hand experience in implementing forward looking financial regulations. Prof. Schydlowsky has also had a long and distinguished academic career. During 2010, he was Robert F. Kennedy Visiting Professor in Latin American Studies at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. In earlier years, he was a tenured Professor of Economics at Boston University and The American University in Washington, DC. He has also been Senior Fellow at the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government of the Harvard Kennedy School and a Visiting Scholar at the Truman Center of the Hebrew University. He has published eight books and ninety-three professional articles on economic issues in numerous professional journals.  Professor Schydlowsky holds a BA and MA in Economics and an LLB from San Marcos University, Peru, and an MA and PhD in Economics from Harvard. He was awarded a Doctorate honoris causa by San Marcos University, Peru, in November, 2015.

Bruria Adini


Dr. Adini has a PhD in management of health systems. She is involved in both field and academic activities, thus facilitates research of challenges identified in preparing for and managing varied emergency situations and implementing the findings so as to promote effective management of emergencies and disasters. She is involved in planning and implementation processes aimed at ensuring effective response to different hazards that pose a risk, including in studying, teaching, and validating policies. Dr. Adini specializes since 1987 in emergency preparedness and response of healthcare systems for mass casualty events and disasters. She served in the Medical Corps for 17 years including 4 years as head of the emergency hospitalization branch, responsible for the emergency preparedness of all general hospitals. For 3 years headed the Emergency Hospitalization Department in the Ministry of Health (MOH).  Since 2000, Dr. Adini serves as a senior consultant of the MOH on emergency management. Dr. Adini directed on behalf of the MOH, Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the WHO various training courses, aimed at developing and enhancing emergency management competencies among healthcare personnel.  Dr. Adini is a faculty member of the Department of Disaster Management and Injury Prevention in the School of Public Health, Sackler Faculty of Medicine in the Tel Aviv University; she is the academic coordinator of the Executive international Master's program on Disaster Management. She is a board member of the World Association of Disaster and Emergency Medicine (WADEM) and the Local Authorities Confronting Disasters and Emergencies (LACDE) as well as a member of the Israeli National Council for Trauma and Surgery.  Dr. Adini researches various aspects of emergency preparedness and response, including advanced methods of evaluating capacities and utilization of social media in emergencies and has published numerous articles in leading peer-review journals.

david bentolila


Dr. David J. Bentolila has decades of experience in combining research, engineering, and consulting experience. He has been conducting trainings and consulting on issues of job creation and project management in many countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Recently, he has pioneered and led a new successful model of balanced development through non-agricultural economic activities in rural areas in northern Israel (Misgav Region). He has been associated with the Ben-Gurion University consulting team in Ceara (Brazil), where he led the establishment of Regional Innovation Councils and Poles in the Interior of Ceara, enabling an ecosystem for regional industrial innovation. Dr. Bentolila is also a Senior lecturer in Zefat Academic College in Israel; Head of the Center for Innovation and Productivity in Braude academic engineering College; Adjunct lecturer in the MBA program in Haifa University; and CEO of his Management Consultancy firm, Bento Consultants Ltd.  He got his Doctorate (PhD) in Development Social Sciences from the High School of Social Sciences in Paris (E.H.E.S.S), his MBA from the Paris IX University in Paris and his Engineering degree (BS.c) in Industrial and Management Engineering from the Technological Institute (Technion) in Haifa.

ruben krupnik


Mr. Ruben Krupik is a highly experienced entrepreneur with a comprehensive understanding of the complex processes involved in the transformation of an idea into a prospering operation. He serves as an external director of Bank Hapoalim, and served in the past as the Chief Executive Officer of Clal Biotechnology Industries from 2003 to 2015. Mr. Krupik was responsible for defining the vision, strategy and direction of Clal Biotechnology. He was the Managing Director of Biomedical Investments and Manager of the Arison Group's Technology Division. He is a Co-Founder of Vsoft Ltd. He was also a Co-Founder of Avantry Networks (alternate name Avantry Ltd.). He co-founded 3DV Systems in 1997. He founded Arison Technologies Ltd. and served as its Chief Executive Officer and President. He served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of RDC Rafael Development Corporation Ltd. and ARTE Venture Group Ltd. He served as Senior Vice President of Tadiran Telecom Ltd. (now Tadiran Telecom (TTL) L.P.). Mr. Krupik has a wide-ranging entrepreneurial track record and is well versed in the complex processes and aspects of transforming promising ideas into thriving companies. He is a master of the art of harnessing investment capital to technology in order to weave ommercial achievements. He co-founded Given Imaging Ltd. He is an accomplished, multi-disciplinary industry executive and visionary and was a key driver in the launch of numerous successful companies in the fields of medical technology like Given Imaging, Galil Medical; in image processing like 3DV and in broadband and software sectors. Prior to Arison Technologies, Mr. Krupik founded Rafael Development

Guest Lecturers: 


Mr. Zafrir Asaf is the Director of Emerging Markets and Development Finance Department at Israel's Ministry of Economy and Industry since 2016. In this capacity he leads the Ministry's development finance strategy and identifies trends in developing countries that can be opportunities for the Israeli private sector. Zafrir was Head of Israel's Economic & Trade Mission in Vietnam. He had led a team of professionals which conducted a wide array of business development activities in order to promote trade and economic cooperation between the two countries. He holds a bachelor degree in International Relations and Latin American Studies as well as a MBA degree of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Seasoned executive with extensive experience in working with governments, government institutions and large multinational conglomerates on projects in developing countries. Over the last 9 years worked with African governments in various sectors (Energy, Water, Affordable housing, Agriculture, Health, Telecommunications, Education) in order to understand their needs, conceive turnkey solutions, find financing methods and execute the projects. The majority of the projects had vast social impact over the local population.

Senior Program Manager, Tikkun Olam Ventures (TOV). Eliran's DNA is hardwired for doing good. With a keen business sense and a drive to see concrete results, social business and innovation stands at the heart of who he is and what he does at JDC. In 2015, Eliran spent a year of exploration, learning, and activism in New York, Germany, and Nepal as a Ralph I. Goldman Fellow, JDC’s premiere leadership fellowship. After this fellowship, Eliran made a decision to remain in the organization in order to launch a new international development initiative called TOV (Tikkun Olam Ventures), and now serves as its senior program manager.  TOV is a startup development fund that utilizes Israeli technology to improve the lives of poor smallholder farmers. It calls into question the sustainability and long-term impact of traditional "aid", and is an alternative program strategy anchored in a business model. Eliran first dreamt of this idea in 2015, while stationed in Kathmandu, Nepal, as part of JDC's post-earthquake disaster response activities. Passionate about a project that bridges financial and social values and brings new market-based solutions to the developing world, Eliran is responsible for crystallizing the program’s startup phase. Prior to his introduction to JDC, Eliran served as an officer in the IDF and later established a social business providing innovative solutions for integration and education for immigrants. Eliran is a natural connector and networker. He believes that effective action and impact derives from well-crafted and well-maintained partnerships.Eliran holds a B.A. in psychology and sociology, and a graduate degree in law, both from Bar-Ilan University. He was born in Israel and lives in Tel Aviv.

Ron serves as Senior Director of Economy and Infrastructure Department at the Israeli Prime Minister's Office. He is in charge of macroeconomic issues, including state budget, growth, taxation, industry, cost of living and urban planning. In addition, Ron is the coordinator of the Inter-ministerial Committee for International Development and the Coordinator of the China-Israel Joint Economic Task Force. Prior to his current position, Ron worked as an external consultant to the International Labour Organization and as a strategy consultant at Deloitte Consulting. Ron holds an M.Phil in Development Studies form the University of Cambridge and a B.A. in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (summa cum laude) from the Hebrew University.

Senior Director of Programs - IsraAID. Naama is a native Israeli with Chilean citizenship who has spent the better part of the last 10 years dedicated to improving education in Israel and Africa. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Sociology, Anthropology and Education and her Masters in Community Development Studies, both from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Prior to her studies, Naama worked in Uganda, where, together with partners, she founded a local NGO Dubbed ‘Little Light’. The NGO has been operating an informal school and community center in one of the biggest slums in Kampala for out-of-school children since 2006. Naama has extensive experience in the field of education, specifically with youth-at-risk and victimized populations, both in the formal and the non-formal education system and in out-of-home care programs. Following her M.A studies, Naama was involved in the management of a peacebuilding program in Sri Lanka, in a Sarvodaya-USAID project. Since 2013 Naama has been working with IsraAID, initially as the Kenya Country Director, leading operations in Kakuma refugee camp in the fields of water, sanitation and hygiene, psychosocial support, relief programs and capacity building activities. Currently, Naama is IsraAID's Senior Director of Programs, spending her time between the field and the headquarters in Tel Aviv, opening new operations in emergencies and supervising IsraAID's programs worldwide.

Executive Director, Business Development, Agricultural Division, LR Group. Prior joining LR Group in 2013, Mr. Herman held senior level professional and management positions both in connection with Israel’s own agricultural sector and internationally, primarily focusing on agricultural development cooperation with developing countries, emerging economies and the global development agenda at large. Mr. Herman has over thirty years of agricultural and rural development experience, held the position of Director, Centre for International Agricultural Development Cooperation (CINADCO), operating under the auspices of Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The center operates as the main professional and operational organization in charge of Israel’s international agricultural development and technical cooperation programs with developing countries and emerging economies. His previous position in 2013 was, Adviser to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Israel. Prior to that until 2012, Mr. Zvi Herman served as a diplomat in the position of; Minster, Agriculture and Science Affairs accredited to USA, Canada and Mexico at the Embassy of Israel in Washington.  Mr. Herman has conducted a wide range and interdisciplinary professional and development missions and studies in divers developing countries, in Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, South Pacific, Caribbean, Central and East Europe, South East Asia, as well as formulation and development of programs, involving donor countries and international organizations- NGO’s and the private sector. Graduate of the Hebrew university of the faculty of agriculture, including diploma in education. Also holds a diploma in advanced management and development, of the Inter-Ministerial program for the senior personnel of Israel’s Public Service Commission. Growing up in Israel’s agricultural and rural sector, Mr. Herman is married with children, resides as second generation member of Moshav Nir Israel, a rural agricultural village cooperative, located in the semi-arid south costal region of Israel.

Bella Kovner is an international counter trafficking and child protection specialist. Ms. Kovner holds an MA in Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University and wrote her PhD dissertation on child arrest and juvenile justice in East Jerusalem at the Institute of Criminology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For more than a decade, she has been working in Nepal, China, Albania, Uganda and Cambodia on EC, USAID, USDOL, UNICEF, WFP and Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) funded projects aimed at addressing gender inequality and combating unsafe migration, trafficking in human beings and exploitative child labor.  In addition, Ms. Kovner teaches at the international MA Glocal program in The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is a Post Doctoral fellow at the Lafer Center for Women and Gender Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Shuli is the Director of the Planning, Evaluation and Partnerships Department at MASHAV - Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She assumed this responsibility in September 2017. In this capacity she is responsible for outlining MASHAV’s international development policy. This involves, inter alia, engaging with multilateral and international development organizations and forums; initiating multilateral development partnerships; engaging with the Israeli Civil Society international development organization; leading communications, social media and publications of MASHAV; and organizing high-level international conferences and symposia. Over the past few years, she has been carrying out major evaluation of MASHAV projects’ effectiveness and performance. Among them: External evaluation of the Early Childhood Education training program in Ghana; evaluation the joint training program with Young Americas Business Trust for the promotion of social and economic development of young people around the world; evaluation of the trilateral program between Israel, Jordan and Japan’s International Cooperation Agency-JICA; and external evaluation of  dairy farming projects in Asia. In this capacity, she established an innovative online monitoring and evaluation system of MASHAV’s capacity building programs.

Head of international Organization Unit, Ministry of Finance. Matan joined the Ministry of finance in 2015. Previously (2009-2015) he worked at the privet sector as Product Manager in Unique Software Ltd., Commercial manager for Europe and Asia in RADWIN Ltd., and as an Economist in Hewlett- Packard. Mr. Lev-Ari holds a Bachelor degree in Economics and political science and a Master's degree in business, both from Bar Ilan University.

Mazal is a Former Director of the Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center (MCTC), in Haifa, Israel, holds an M.A. in Management and Business Administration. Under the auspices of MASHAV – Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation - she has organized hundreds of training courses and international seminars  designed to promote women's leadership, poverty eradication and socio-economic development, as well as youth entrepreneurship, throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Region. Mazal  represented Israel at many regional and International Conferences (UNECE, World Bank, UNESCO, EU, Anna Lindh Foundation Forum, ICW, UN-WOMEN…) and participated annually in the official delegation of Israel to the UN Commission on the Status of Women. In 2007 she was elected for a three year term on the Executive Board of INSTRAW – the UN International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women. Mazal is a member of:  The European Center of the International Council of Women; Forum Femmes Mediterranee; Soroptimist International of Europe (Neve Shaanan Club in Israel); Society for International Development (SID); the Israeli Women's Network; the Council of Women's organizations in Israel; the Commission on the Status of Women of the Haifa Municipality; the Israeli National Commission for UNESCO and Friends of the Haifa University. Her position as Israeli Delegate to the Permanent Commission of the Mediterranean Women's Forum affords her the opportunity for dialogue with women from the Arab world, creating contacts and breaking down stereotypes. In 2004, she initiated special training programs for job creation as well as an ongoing series of seminars for Palestinian and Israeli women and youth, promoting education for peace , according to the UN Resolution 1325. In her national and international work, Mazal Renford is committed to the advancement of women in all spheres of society. In this context, The International Center of Birmingham, Alabama, honored her with a Woman of Consequence Award in 2008. Currently, she serves as Advisor to the World Standing Committee of The International Council of Women, on the issues of  International Relations and Peace, and also as Consultant to the Israeli Agency for International Development Cooperation.

Mr. Adam Schalimtzek is Head of the International Relations Division at the Ministry of Environmental Protection. In his position he is responsible for the Ministry's bilateral relations with foreign government officials with the aim of promoting cooperation on environmental issues of common interest and stimulating mutual learning. He also leads the Ministry's activity in the framework of international organizations such as UN Environment, OECD, EU etc. This includes, among others, sending representatives to actively participate in various international meetings, integrating Israeli environmental knowledge and technologies in development projects and convening workshops and seminars to learn from European experience. Adam coordinated the process of Israel's accession to the OECD with the objective of integrating the organization's internationally accepted environmental best practices in the decision making process in Israel. Adam serves as Israel's delegate to the OECD Working Party on Environmental Performance. Prior to joining the International Relations Division, Adam worked in the Ministry's Divisions of Environmental Policy and Urban Environment, where he led projects on sustainable lifestyles, sustainable urban planning etc. Adam holds a BSc in Psychobiology and an MA in Geography with a specialization in Environmental Planning, Policy and Management, both from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is married and the father of three girls.

Dr. Wittner is the CEO of Israel Africa Chamber of Commerce and Founder and Director in FWB Israel Ltd – International project management and implementation company. As part of her work she leads business delegations, as well as strengthens diplomatic ties between the countries. Ayala specializes in financial and economic solutions for corporations and organizations, and claims her work is driven by her strong desire to bring the people of Israel and Africa together. Dr. Wittner is a well published academic, author and co-author of books and essays on finance, as well as various publications on economy. She holds a Ph.D from York USA University with a focus on Business Administration and Human Resource Management and holds an M.A. from Netanya Academic College in Business Administration with a major in Finance, as well as a B.A. in Business Administration with a major in Management.

Gal is an emergency management professional with extensive experience of over 13 years. Working with governments, militaries, global corporations, small businesses, UN agencies and NGOs, Gal's experience includes operating and training on disaster relief deployment, application of technological solutions in conflicts and disaster settings, health management, search and rescue and capacity building. Today, Gal is the COO of Natan International Humanitarian Aid – an Israeli NGO deploying in international emergencies. Gal also provides consultation and contract work in emergency response for public, private and international organizations. Gal holds an MPH in emergency and disaster management from Tel Aviv University, BA in government, diplomacy and strategy from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya and has been trained in humanitarian and emergency management by world leading institutes, including Harvard University, RedR and ALNAP.

Program Staff:

dana-manor.jpgMS. DANA MANOR

Ms. Dana Manor is SID Israel Deputy Director head of the academic programs at the organization at the society for International – SID Israel , BsC political science (with honors). Experienced humanitarian aid worker with over ten year experience in the management of relief and development projects in Israel and abroad. As a project manager, Dana has planned, supervised and evaluated numerous projects in Africa and Asia. She has worked in Sri Lanka, Congo, Myanmar, Haiti, Kenya, Cambodia, Ethiopia and Israel on projects focusing on health, livelihoods and community development. Through her extensive experience on the field she has developed a broad network of connections in the international and the Israeli non-profit sector.

liat Biron pic.jpg

Ms. Liat Biron is a humanitarian aid in emergency settings professional. In the past years she has worked in South Sudan in refugee and IDP camps with various international organizations such as Oxfam International and Danish Refugee Council, focusing on provision of aid assistance to vulnerable populations, preventing and responding to gender based violence, women empowerment and protection of civilians. Her responsibilities included development and implementation of emergency response programming, conducting assessments and collecting data for programming and evidence-based advocacy purposes, collaborating with partners such as UN agencies and civil society, as well as establishing and managing partnerships with government counterparts, community leaders and other local stakeholders while building their capacity to respond to urgent needs and enhancing community based mechanisms.

Liat holds a BA in Communications from Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, an MA in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University, and is soon starting an MSc in Women, Peace and Security in London School of Economics and Political Sciences, one of the leading universities for social sciences studies in the world.

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