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Graduates in Their Own Words

In July 2016, the graduates below participated in SID Israel’s course on Principles for Working Responsibly in Disaster Areas. This is what they had to say about their experiences.

Keren Or Regev

The course offers a first taste of a complex field that is growing and developing around the world, and becomingkerenor more professionalized and specialized. First, we were given background about the structure of this field, the main actors, and the basic current work methods, in order to understand the context of aid work, which can often be forgotten when working in disaster areas.

Second, we practiced integrating theory into case descriptions, which helped us organize the information into a multi-stage work plan that takes multiple factors into consideration (from the safety of humanitarian aid workers through to sustainable international development in the long term). Third, we explored dilemmas that arise in the field, and sometimes before setting off, including ethical, cultural, and social dilemmas. And we received an important introduction to evaluation methods prior to embarking on a mission (an area that needs an entire course to itself) and to proper planning.

All this was done against the backdrop of the current refugee crisis in Europe, with examples provided by professionals and people with experience from various crisis areas around the world.

Although I have already been on several missions abroad, the course was very helpful for categorizing and making sense of information, for thinking about initial planning, and for exchanging experiences and knowledge among the course participants (themselves highly knowledgeable) and with the course facilitators.

Najat Abu Salah

nagatThe course was very interesting, and helped me make sense of the process I went through on the delegation to Serbia. Directly after the course I was once again on an assessment delegation. The course content helped me view the process from a different perspective. It was a taste of bigger things, and there was a positive and engaged learning atmosphere.  

Mani Amran

The course gave me a number of tools which would have been extremely useful during my time volunteering in Serbia, where I helped refugees. During the course, I learned some background and general information about the field of humanitarian aid which I’d been lacking previously. In addition, I gained a lot from the lecturers’ experience in the field, and from the emphasis on several important aspects of volunteering, from the logistical side of things to the human element.

meniI’m sure that, following the course, I will embark on my next volunteering assignment better prepared and with the necessary skills and knowledge to make my volunteering experience more efficient, professional, and positive—for the aid recipients, for me, and for the whole team.

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