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Outdoor Education

The educational program

Development of knowledge, skills, and abilities in the field ofGlobal citizenship 

ישנו פוטנציאל גדול הטמון בשילוב תכנים הנוגעים באחריות גלובלית וכישורים גלובליים בתכניות חינוכיות קיימות. שילוב תכנים הקשורים בפיתוח בינלאומי יסייע בהשגת SDG4 לחינוך איכותי, וברכישת ידע חיוני לחיים בעולם הגלובלי. במבט לעתיד, פיתוח סט כישורים גלובליים ומודעות אזרחית לאתגרי הפיתוח העומדים בפנינו- הוא לא פחות מהכרחי בהכנת אזרחי ואזרחיות המחר לעתידן בעולם הגלובלי ובסביבות רב תרבותיות.

Sid-Israel has many years of experience in creating educational content on global issues within the Ministry of Education and beyond. As part of his educational programs, we offer personalization of the contents in a one-time or long-term workshop for children, youth, or adults.

The world around us is undergoing an accelerated process of deepening the economic, cultural, political and environmental ties between the various countries, and in short: a process of globalization . Globalization touches all areas of our lives, and creates a complex multicultural reality that requires a broad perspective, adapted skills and tools. Although we live in a time of unprecedented technological development, welfare and abundance, this is an era of ever-deepening disparities, for example: over a billion people around the world do not enjoy safe access to clean water, and about 3 billion of them, hundreds of millions of children, feed on poor food that does not allow them to get enough the potential of their physical and emotional development. The global challenges are great and many, and do not only concern residents of developing countries. The climate crisis, immigration issues, and global epidemics all require local and global solutions at the same time, and in order to reach solutions, access to knowledge, global awareness, empathy and critical and multidimensional thinking must be developed in both adults and children.

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