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Strengthening the Israeli impact in the fields of international aid and development through a model based on partnerships

Intersectoral partnerships

The Sid-Israel Partnership Program is a strategic plan for managing partnerships between civil society organizations, the private sector, academia, and others To act in international aid and development through long-term engagements while emphasizing impact measurement and results-oriented management.

Sid Israel's partnership program was established to help maintain international aid and development partnerships. Its purpose is to create and manage sustainable partnerships, in and out of the context and by the changing needs of global development and humanitarian aid bodies.

The partners and their number will be determined according to the need and in the context of results-based management. They will also include interested parties and those who have contributed significantly.

Goal 17 of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals of the UN) states that global partnership is a condition for achieving all other development goals. Sub-goal 17.17 aims at "encouraging and promoting effective partnerships of the public-private sector and civil society, based on partnership expertise and strategies."


SID for civil society

Here is a list of services that help non-profit organizations to optimize their activities, use technological tools and reach a greater range of influence


Sid Israel members are entitled to a significant discount for Devex subscriptions that grant access to all site content. To register, write to us

Tech To The Rescue

Connect with technology partners that offer pro bono digital services. Contact Dana Manor, Deputy director of Sid-Israel, to receive the code  at


Get free access to G Suite products and nonprofit grants up to $10,000

Canva Pro

Get access to the Pro version for non-profits, free of charge.


Join the useful group for the non profit sector- everything relevant to civil society in Israel, and stay updated on tenders for the third sector.

A platform that allows building customized applications and project management

Facebook & Instagram

Use free tools to collect donations, and allow supporters to raise funds for your association or organization.


Effectively manage donor and volunteer data with a free version of the Salesforce CRM platform.


Manage tasks, projects and team communication effectively with the Asana project management platform at a 50% discount for non-profit organizations.


Effortlessly schedule, publish, and analyze social media activity with Hootsuite's social media management platform at 75% off for nonprofits.


Get access to LinkedIn Learning courses and LinkedIn Talent solutions for recruiting new volunteers and team members at no cost at LinkedIn for Nonprofits.


Connect with your audience effectively with the Mailchimp marketing platform at a 15% discount for non-profit organizations.


Get access to technology products and services for free or at a discount. Includes software products, hardware and cloud-based solutions.


Collaborate efficiently and quickly with your team members through the Slack messaging platform, a free plan designed for non-profit organizations.


A non-profit platform accessible to donors, non-profits, philanthropists and businesses. Intended for Israeli non-governmental organizations recognized by the Israeli government, with a certificate of proper management and qualified as tax-deductible charities (section 46).

Forward Together

The Forward Together grant program is intended for Sid-Israel member organizations that are invited to apply for a grant of up to NIS 10,000.

Individual members (consultants) can apply for a grant of up to 7000 NIS.

Among the winners of the grant in previous years

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