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International development is a field of knowledge  In it there is a symbiotic relationship between theory and practice. Theoretical approaches influence the promotion and implementation of policies at the national and international level, practices of assimilation in the field contribute to the development of approaches and theories, and joint learning nourishes both the activity in the field and the academic world. 


In Israel, there are several academic programs for a master's degree in the fields of international development and aid. Some of the programs are multidisciplinary and international, and combine students from different fields of knowledge and different countries, while understanding that multidisciplinarity is essential in studying development and aid. Since the practice of development and aid is multidisciplinary and can exist in different academic spaces, there is a wide variety of bachelor's and master's degree programs that deal with tangential and complementary fields to international development and humanitarian aid.

The program for international development studies (Glocal) is a unique program for graduate studies that focuses on international development from a community perspective. Against the background of worldwide globalization processes, international development organizations are becoming central players in improving the quality of life of individuals and communities in developing regions around the world. This process deepens the relationship between different companies and exposes the professionals to various challenges arising from working in the new social environment. As part of this program, the international forces shaping the development of communities and societies in countries with low socio-economic characteristics will be studied. The program provides introductory studies with an emphasis on theoretical studies along with practical knowledge from the field through examining the work of non-state international development organizations. As a complement to the academic knowledge, the studies in the program will acquire tools that will enable the adaptation of the learned knowledge to work in the field. The encounter between knowledge and practice will be completed by a one-semester internship, in the second year of studies, in a project managed by a development organization in Israel or abroad. In addition, a limited number of students will be able to enrich their knowledge in the field by applying to a research track. Emphasis on the connection between theory and practice through the examination of specific cases from around the world. In the Glocal program for international development, you can choose the study track "development and gender" or "international migration and development" as a specialization track. In addition, the program allows study in a research track and writing a thesis.

M.A. degree in international development studies (Glocal) Glocal, The Hebrew University

The African studies program at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev invites you to master's studies in the track of sustainable communities in Africa.

  • A study program in English in a full system is planned for a year and a half (three semesters): a year on campus and a practical project semester in one of the African countries and the completion of a summative thesis.

  • During the third semester of studies, students must spend at least 3 months of an internship/research project on the African continent. 

  • One study day a week on campus. 

  • Research scholarships for eligible candidates.

M.A. degree in African Studies in the African Sustainable Communities track, Ben Gurion University

African studies in BGU

A multidisciplinary program that is concentrated over only one academic year (two days a week) and encompasses a very wide range of issues related to emergency management, including communication and advocacy in emergency situations, ethical and legal aspects of emergency and disaster management, post-disaster rehabilitation and rebuilding routine and resilience, Disaster psychology and more. In the curriculum there is a central emphasis on connecting theory with practice - not only classroom studies, but also practical experience, participation in trainings, exercises and tours, and the opportunity to specialize in humanitarian aid organizations in Israel.

M.DM degree in emergency and disaster management (.M.DM), Tel Aviv University

Disaster management TAU

The program for sustainable development is a master's program taught in English, and trains students to be agents of change - to know what is really happening in developing countries, how we influence them and us, what are the global and local issues that affect these areas, and how to harness technology to lead changes. Our goal: to improve the quality of life in developing countries by bringing new technologies (for example, those that allow access to clean water or advanced agricultural technologies) and thus reduce the conditions of poverty and hunger. The program dedicates a semester to the application of what is learned while doing, which will be carried out in Israel for those who choose not to travel, or in a developing country where they will be employed in projects and research.

M.A. degree in sustainable development - Sustainable Development


The program offers a master's degree in geography and environmental studies with a specialization in managing disaster areas and emergency situations. 

Reality in Israel and in the world dictates dealing with the consequences of increasing industrialization, extreme and volatile nature and the escalation of terrorism. Disasters are unpredictable, therefore it is of great importance to plan and improve the processes of prevention and preparedness, dealing with and treating the disaster - until rehabilitation. The geography and environmental studies program invites you to pay your way in one of the most important fields of today and tomorrow, and to integrate with the end of your studies in the various systems that deal with disasters and emergency situations.

The program focuses on dealing with natural disasters, industrial disasters, conventional and unconventional terrorist scenarios, epidemics, and more... The program provides training and expertise in dealing with emergency situations through imparting theoretical and practical knowledge and imparting diverse analytical tools for decision-making in disasters and emergency situations and fulfilling key roles in the emergency economy. The program is based on the principles of the "disaster cycle" and focuses on each of the principles: planning, prevention, minimization, response, support and rehabilitation. The program is lectured by the best experts from academia and the field of disaster management.

M.A. degree in the management of disaster areas and emergency situations, University of Haifa

University of Haifa

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Opportunities for scholarships and internships

Threshold conditions

א. דוקטורנט/ית בתחומים רלוונטים, או חוקר/ת בתחומים מקצועיים או אקדמים הקשורים בפיתוח בינלאומי וסיוע הומניטרי

ב. אזרח/ית ישראל

בנוסף לתנאים הרשומים לעיל, על הזוכים/ות להתחייב לתנאים הבאים:.

  1. סיד-ישראל תהיה רשאית לפרסם את נושאי המחקר, השמות והתמונות של זוכים/ות באתר העמותה.

  2. פרסום תוצרי המחקר, או תקציר של המחקר באתר סיד ישראל

  3. קרדיט לסיד-ישראל בפרסום המאמר, עבור מענק מיוחד המיועד למחקרים המתמקדים בחדשנות- קרדיט לסיד ישראל ולתכנית פיירס לחדשנות גלובלית.

Research grants

The Sid-Israel scholarship program is designed to help professionals at the beginning of their careers, to strengthen the professional network in our core areas, and to promote an academic environment and critical and innovative thinking.

More details about the scholarships and application dates will be published later

The grant is between NIS 20,000-5,000

Registration is open until 19/05/2024

Track B

A scholarship of up to 10,000 NIS for employees of SID-Israel member organizations who are studying for advanced degrees in programs focused on international development and humanitarian aid at an academic institution in Israel recognized by the MLA in the year 2018.

Route A

A scholarship of up to NIS 10,000 for Israeli graduate students in programs focused on International Development (International community development/sustainable development) or Humanitarian aid at an academic institution in Israel.

Threshold conditions for receiving the scholarship:

A. A master's or a PHD  student in tracks focused on international development (international community development/sustainable development) or academic humanitarian aid in Israel in the 2024 academic year.


The Sid-Israel scholarship program is designed to help professionals at the beginning of their careers, to strengthen the professional network in our core areas, and to promote an academic environment and critical and innovative thinking.

More details about the scholarships and application dates will be published later

The amount of the scholarship is up to 10,000 NIS

Registration for this academic year has closed. Details about the scholarship for the upcoming academic year will be posted soon 

The Sid-Israel scholarship program

Sid-Israel is the umbrella organization of the Israeli professional community in Humanitarian aid and International development. Sid works to create a supportive professional environment based on the exchange of knowledge and experience and a clear road map for Israeli action in the world.

The SID Fellowship program was founded on the worldview that academic research and practice in these fields are intertwined. It is intended to promote fields of knowledge related to international development and humanitarian aid and help researchers advance on an academic and professional level.

Scholarships and internships

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