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TEN (Tikkun Olam Empowerment Network)
TEN (Tikkun Olam Empowerment Network)

Tikkun Olam Network (TEN) fosters community and social resilience in disadvantaged communities worldwide, with the support of volunteers from Israel and Jewish diaspora communities, collaborating with local partners in the spirit of Jewish and universal values, embodying "Tikkun Olam" in action. We have a network of volunteer centers around the world where adventurous Israelis and Jews volunteer in local communities. TEN is working in Israel, Uganda, Ghana, south Africa, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Mexico and Argentina.
TEN has 3 main programs:
Long term volunteering – between 6 weeks to 5 month of communal living and volunteering together in one of our centers.
Health delegations – a 5 week experience for Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists and Speech pathologists in Uganda or Ghana.
And Short term programming (for groups) – Groups between 8-15 participants for a 7-14 day TEN experience in one of our locations.

Volunteers, Community Development


Ghana, Mexico, Uganda, Ethiopia, South Africa, Israel, Argentina, Cambodia, Sub Saharan Africa



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