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As an umbrella organization, we see great importance in creating a professional community that is active and involved in the advancement of its members. Therefore, we are interested in creating circles that are more involved in our work and partners in the way to advance the professional field of international development and Israeli humanitarian aid.

This kind of support for Sid-Israel on the one hand allows us a sustainable income which means the ability to plan for the long term, the employment of personnel according to the complex tasks before us, the ability to respond more quickly to the needs arising from you and from there - the members and companies and the possibility to expand the circle of members and thus the scope of income.

Join us as members of the Sid-Israel community:

Membership in the Sid-Israel community provides:
  • Special discount for Devex Pro and Devex Funding website

  • New discounts and additional benefits will be announced first and foremost to Sid-Israel friends and, if possible, will also be opened to wider circles.

  • Priority in exposure in "Sid-Israel" publications and publications in which "Sid" is a partner in the public media in Israel and abroad

  • Priority for eligibility for scholarships for study programs, courses, and trainings organized by Sid Israel and its partners.

  • Priority when receiving tickets and discounts for conferences in Israel and abroad.

  • Opportunities to participate in Sid-Israel work teams, which will be established according to requests and needs from community members or initiatives from the Sid-Israel management.


Special benefits for organizations for private sector companies:

Special benefits for civil society organizations:

Option to apply for grants to civil society organizations in three areas: assistance in developing resources in competing for tenders, professional in building an infrastructure of effective measurement processes, and help in creating a communication strategy.

Consulting on planning optimal international work processes in routine and emergencies.

An opportunity to present activity in the field of monetary aid and international development at the annual event, in accordance with the topic of the event and the opinion of the professional committee.

Annual membership fees in the Sid-Israel community

January 2024-January 2025
Consultants and individuals

200 NIS

To pay click here


100 NIS

To pay click here

Large civil society organizations (21 employees or more)

850 NIS

To pay click here

Small civil society organizations (up to 20 employees)

500 NIS

To pay click here

Large private companies (over 50 employees)

5000 NIS

To pay click here

Medium-sized private companies (up to 50 employees)

2500 shekels

To pay click here

Small private companies (up to 10 employees)

1500 NIS

To pay click here

We expect Sid-Israel organizations to work according to an ethical compass, and a code of professional conduct that we offer.
For the code of ethics of Sid-Israel click here
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