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Forward Together Grant in Memory of Vivian Silver 
Capacity Building through Gender Mainstreaming

 In Memory of Vivian Silver

Vivian Silver was a Canadian-Israeli peace activist and women's rights advocate known for her significant contributions to gender equality and peace-building initiatives in Israel. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada, Silver's activism began during her college years when she co-founded the Student Zionist Alliance and later organized the first National Conference of Jewish Women in 1973. Immigrating to Israel in 1974, Silver became deeply involved in various social justice causes. She focused on advancing women's rights within Israeli society, founding the United Kibbutz Movement's Department to Advance Gender Equality in 1981. Silver's commitment to gender equality extended to her work in the Knesset and organizations like the New Israel Fund and Shatil. Living in Kibbutz Be'eri near the Gaza border from 1990 onwards, Silver became dedicated to promoting peace and cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians. She served as the executive director of the Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development (NISPED) and co-founded the Arab-Jewish Center for Equality, Empowerment and Cooperation in 1999. Silver's efforts included organizing cross-cultural projects and fostering business connections between Palestinian and Israeli artisans. She also volunteered with organizations like Women Wage Peace, advocating for human rights and peace-building initiatives. Throughout her life, Silver's tireless advocacy and activism aimed to address gender disparities and promote dialogue and understanding between communities in the region. Her legacy as a champion of women's rights and peace-building continues to inspire others to work towards a more just and peaceful society. Vivian was killed in her home in Kibbutz Be’eri on October 7th. We join in the deep sorrow of her children and family, and embrace them to our hearts.  Her memory continues to guide our commitment to peace and equality.

Vivian Silver

SID-Israel, as an umbrella organization, works to respond to the various challenges facing Israeli civil society organizations working in the fields of international humanitarian action & development. In 2022 SID-Israel launched the Forward Together grant program with the aim of supporting organizations to maximize the potential of their activities. 


We would like to dedicate one special grant this year, as a tribute to the legacy of Vivian Silver, and will focus on "Capacity Building Through Gender Mainstreaming”.


SID-Israel’s member organizations can apply for a grant of up to 20,000 NIS to be used in 2024.This grant aims to honor Vivian Silver's commitment to advance gender equality by supporting organizations working in the fields of international development and humanitarian assistance that include capacity building through gender mainstreaming. 

 Grant Objectives

The "Capacity Building Through Gender Mainstreaming" grant is designed to strengthen organizational capacity by implementing gender mainstreaming and fostering inclusive project outcomes.  This grant will be available for organizations that are members of SID-Israel, working in the fields of international development or humanitarian assistance and can be used for the following type of projects: 

Workshop and Training Session

The grant can be allocated to sponsor workshops and training sessions aimed to build a deeper understanding on gender mainstreaming principles, methodologies, and best practices for team members to implement in their projects around the world. 

 Expert Consultations

The grant can be used to engage with experts in the field of gender equality to provide specialized guidance and insights to shape the organization's gender mainstreaming strategy and ensure that it aligns with international standards.

Resource Development:

The grant can be directed towards the development of resources such as guidelines, toolkits, and manuals to serve as practical tools for team members to seamlessly integrate gender considerations into project design, implementation, and evaluation.

Community Engagement and Collaboration

The grant can be used for community engagement activities which will enhance the organization's understanding of gender-related needs and aspirations of the communities served. This can include fostering collaborations with local organizations focusing on gender equality to facilitate partnerships and mutual learning.

“Forward Together" Grant 2024 in Memory of Vivian Silver Capacity Building through Gender Mainstreaming

Grant Criteria

The projects must be designed to include the following:

 Impact on Excluded Groups

Enhance the organization's ability to engage and work effectively with marginalized and excluded groups, particularly women and girls.

The project must outline specific strategies to identify, reach, and include excluded groups in the organization's activities. This includes a comprehensive plan for assessing the needs and challenges of these groups, ensuring their voices and perspectives are incorporated into the project's design and implementation. Additionally, the project should describe the expected outcomes and benefits for the excluded groups, highlighting how their inclusion will be sustained beyond the grant period.

Advancement of Gender Equality

Contribute to the advancement of gender equality within the organization's operations and project outcomes. The project should provide a clear framework for integrating gender mainstreaming into the organization’s existing structures, policies, and programs that will be undertaken to promote gender equality. Furthermore, the project should establish measurable indicators to track progress and impact on gender equality, demonstrating a commitment to accountability and continuous improvement.

Creative and Innovative Approaches

Showcase creative and innovative approaches to capacity building through gender mainstreaming.
The project should introduce methods or tools to enhance the organization's gender mainstreaming efforts, such as new technologies, methodologies, or partnerships. It should explain how these innovative approaches will provide added value and potentially be replicable or scalable within other contexts or organizations. Additionally, the project should outline how it will foster a culture of innovation within the organization, encouraging team members to think creatively about gender issues and solutions.

 Application Process

SID-Israel’s “call for proposals” invites member organizations and individual members to submit grant applications. Applications will be accepted from from June 24, 2024 until July 17, 2024. SID-Israel staff will email the applicants an update regarding the status of their application in the first week of  July 28.2024.

Condition for Grant Approval:

In addition to the application requirements above, grant approval is conditional upon the following: 

1. The applicant must be an Israeli organization that has paid its annual membership fee to SID-Israel for the year 2024.  

2. The applicant must be in operation for at least two years and working in international development or humanitarian initiatives.

Grant Approval proccess

The grant applications will be reviewed by an independent committee, including three SID-Israel Board Members. Organizations managed by any member of the independent committee will not be eligible for a grant. The proposed committee will be comprised of: Prof. Bruria Adini, Head of the Department of Emergency Management and Disaster Medicine in the School of Public Health, Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University; Mr. Ivri Verbin, CEO and Founder of Good Vision and Co-Chairman of Grant Thornton Global Sustainability ESG Steering Committee at Grant Thornton International Ltd.; Mr. Naftali Moser, SID-Israel Board Member; Ms. Mazal Renford, board member of The Women Wage Peace and Former Director of MASHAV Carmel Center and Prof. Dorit Nitzan, Director, Masters Program in Emergency Medicine- Preparedness and Response for Emergencies and Disasters, School of Public Health & Chair, Food Systems, One Health and Resilience, Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

The award of grants will be at the sole discretion of the committee.

How to Receive a Grant 

Grant funds will be delivered in the form of direct payment to the consultants or service providers hired by the awarded member organizations.

·   The direct payments for services will be paid at the end of the contract, upon request. Payments will be made by SID-Israel within 30 days of receiving the payment request.

·   Please note that no grant funds may be used to cover operating expenses such as staff salaries, administrative fees, indirect expenses, or other overhead routine costs.

For more information, please contact Dana Manor, SID Israel Deputy Director at

The applications should include:

Full name of the organization, as well as the name, position, email and mobile number of the individual applicant or the representative who is applying on behalf of the organization.

A clear and concise description of the organization that details its background, goals, actions and achievements, competitive advantage, partnerships or collaborations, and plans for the future.

A description of the impact the organization will create if awarded the grant.

A description of the proposed project and the amount of funding requested.

A certified copy of its certificate of registration as an association (amutah) from the Israeli Registrar of Associations (Rasham HaAmutot) or its certificate of registration as a company for the benefit of the public from the Israeli Registrar of Endowments (Rasham HaAgdashot) and the Israeli Companies Registry.

ncome tax certificates evidencing its non-profit classification.

A valid Certificate of Proper Management (nihul takin) for the year 2024 from the Registrar of Associations or Registrar of Endowments, as applicable.

Grant Approval 

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